Why have a professional domain name and email hosting?

With email hosting we create a bespoke domain name for your company's emails (e.g. b.jones@yourcompany.com), reduce spam, increase email security and safely store them all in one place. This carries a huge range of benefits for your business.

Professional image

Professional image

Bespoke domain name - Remember that time you received an email confirming your Amazon order from amazon@hotmail.com? No? That's because professional companies have their own personalized domain name and email addresses, rather than using generic email accounts like Hotmail, which come across as much less legitimate.

Having a professionally hosted email account increases the professionality of your company, making the customers or clients you contact far more likely to engage with you.

Promote your brand

Put your brand on the emails you send - Free email servers come with limitations such as only a basic ability to customize the appearance of your outgoing mail. Hosted emails mean you can professionally brand all your outgoing mails, making them look as professional as possible at all times.

You can set up email backgrounds, branded signatures and add professional disclaimers, all of which enhance your company's professional image, and of course, help get your brand message across every time you send an email to your database. 

Promote your brand
Trust and security

Trust and security

Avoid the spam folder - Communications from generic email addresses are far more likely to land in the recipient's spam folder. Most email servers' built-in algorithms are trained to flag keywords and domain names that look like they're spam or seem unrelated to work. A specific domain name can make your email appear more trusted – and more likely to land where you want it to. 

Secure encryption - A proper domain name has more direct advantages for your business, too. Your data is better protected by an email hosting provider, as all your incoming, saved and outgoing information is securely encrypted. This means anything that you send or receive has an extra layer of protection against hackers. 

Avoid malicious emails - Your service provider will ensure that anti-spam filters are in place, to keep malicious emails out of your inbox.

Storage to suit your needs - Your affordable monthly subscription fee grants you access to customized storage. And with space in the cloud coming at a hefty premium these days, that's a big money-saving plus.

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Want a professional email service, reduce spam or just need more reliable emails? We can provide great emails at a very low price.

Dial a Nerd takes your email hosting seriously. Your emails are the true face of your company's communication efforts. They're the home of your brand in the minds of your contacts and an opportunity for you to connect with your customers in a meaningful way. 

At Dial a Nerd, our qualified technicians provide comprehensive IT support in Pukekohe, Auckland and beyond. We custom-create managed IT solutions that include onsite IT support, along with: 

  • Disaster recovery backups (Managed backups)
  • Hosted emails (Exchange, Office 365)
  • Managed antivirus solutions
  • Hosted cloud servers
  • Cloud-hosted VOIP/PBX

Dial a Nerd offers the full spectrum of IT services for business and can also assist with setting up your internet connection. Spruce up your company image with professional email hosting services from Dial a Nerd today.

Get in touch and we'll get one of our qualified nerds on the case for you. 

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